With specialties in conversion from steel to fiberglass reinforced plastics, reaction injection molded (RIM), and thermoformed materials, McClarin Composites is a leading provider of construction equipment components and assembly conversions.

Construction Industry

Our engineering, manufacturing, and logistics talents give us a clear advantage in providing numerous benefits to companies that partner with us. Combined with extensive value-added services such as painting, assembly, and adhesive bonding, McClarin Composites strives to offer a complete solution for each of our construction equipment clients.

A dedication to design-build engineering and custom manufacturing methods that allows us to approach every problem with a unique solution helps us reduce costs and improve logistics for construction equipment partners. As a contract manufacturer, we can ensure the best possible results for assembly conversions and component manufacturing.

Experience in the Construction Equipment Industry

Over the course of more than twenty-five years working with the construction equipment industry, McClarin Composites has delivered components such as:

  • Complex Hood Assemblies
  • Durable Fenders and Guards
  • Stylish Cab Interiors

Thermoforming Construction 3In addition, we provide a focus on design, heat deflection temperature & UV protection, and a durable structure to ensure optimal quality and functionality of the components we manufacture.

If you currently produce original construction equipment and are seeking a contract manufacturing partner to handle assembly conversion or to take over manufacturing of composite or thermoformed components, McClarin Composites is the company to call.

Contact us today to learn more about our full range of design-build manufacturing and value-add services for construction equipment manufacturers.