Having the right process is essential for delivering functional, high-quality products that meet critical performance objectives. The engineers at McClarin Composites developed a pioneering process to produce the upper window mask shown here, designed for use in a brand new, state-of-the-art long-distance passenger railcar.

custom-molded-window-maskThe goal was to achieve a modern aesthetic for the interior of the railcar while meeting the mechanical properties for strength and durability in addition to the stringent mass transit regulations requirements for flammability, smoke generation, and toxic gas emissions.

Our engineers developed a proprietary process for molding-in a specialty decorative film that would provide visual appeal while leaving the skin with an easy-to-clean, stain-resistant surface that would maintain the desired look and color for years. This breakthrough manufacturing technology was the first of its kind to successfully use this film in this specific process application.

Featuring approximate dimensions of 80 in length x 20 in depth x 45 in height, the window mask was a challenge to form due to both its size and geometric complexity. Through the ingenuity of our engineering and manufacturing team, we were able to successfully mold the component to within the required + .060″ tolerances.

We have received excellent feedback on the quality of this product from stakeholders both up and down the supply chain. We currently maintain a stock parts program and critical workflows to produce about one of these components per day to meet the railcar builder’s delivery requirements.

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Custom Molded Window Mask Specs

Product Description

This is a passenger rail car interior decorative mask that surrounds the window opening for use in a highly used public area of the rail car.

Capabilities Applied/Processes

The processes to manufacture this product were developed internally to meet the needs of a demanding environment. The various processes include an in-mold applied decorative film that forms the final covering for the finished part. Much of the process is proprietary to McClarin Plastics, and has resolved many of the issues that this covering is noted for.

Overall Dimensions

Approximately 80" long by 45" tall by 20" deep

Tightest Tolerances

+ .060"

Material Used

Tedlar ®, reinforced glass roving, proprietary transit grade and prepared resin

Value Added Programs

STOCK PARTS PROGRAM, critical work flow to combine the many manufacturing processes

Industry For Use

Passenger rail service, mass transit

Quantity or Monthly MFG. Demand

36 + each month

Turnaround Time

1 part each day

Standards Met

Customer design, enhanced by McClarin Plastics, National mass transit requirements meeting flame, toxicity, and smoke generation, mechanical properties, stringent visual aesthetical requirements

Product Name

Window Mask