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Machine Assembly with Open Molded Fiberglass Parts

Machine Assembly with Open Molded Fiberglass Parts

Our profound knowledge of industrial design and engineering enables us to manufacture lightweight fiberglass assemblies that provide outstanding performance under high-stress environmental conditions.

Constructed for use in agricultural spraying equipment, the two cover assemblies shown here feature a Class A two-tone painted finish. The engine cover has dimensions of 8 in length x 4 in width x 5 in height, while the fuel tank cover measures 3 in length x 4 in width x 3 in height. Both have a complicated undercut design to allow seamless interaction of the assemblies and they were constructed with molded in internal cores to provide the structural stability for opening the covers in frequent high wind conditions.

Fully molded and assembled in our plant, we supply 300 units per year on a just-in-time delivery schedule to the customers manufacturing location 100% ready for their production line.

When you are ready to explore the option of using high quality lightweight yet strong fiberglass components for your next application, contact us with all the details.

Open Molded Fiberglass Assemblies Specs

Product Description

Open molded fiberglass engine cover assembly and fuel tank cover assembly utilized on an industry leading agriculture sprayer

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Open Molded Fiberglass
3D Internal Core Support for Managing High Wind Loading
Sectioned Mold to Allow for Undercut Design Providing Seamless Interaction of Assemblies
Class A Two Tone Painted Finish
Secondary Value Added Assemblies to Provide a Turnkey Solution to the Production Line

Overall Dimensions

Engine Cover and Access Cover Assembly 8in X 4in X 5in
Fuel Tank Cover 3in X 4in X 3in

Tightest Tolerances

4 MM Overall Dimensional Tolerances

Material Used


Value Added Programs


Industry For Use


Quantity or Monthly MFG. Demand

300 EAU

Turnaround Time