McClarin Composites is an accomplished provider of customer engineered solutions for leading heavy equipment manufacturers. Our comprehensive knowledge of the industry combined with our diversified range of services enabled us to provide a high-value solution for manufacturing the fiberglass hood assemblies shown here.

Open Molded FiberglassUsed in the manufacture highway paving equipment, we developed a high-integrity, two-piece design that would allow the proper airflow under the hood. We used an open-mold process to form the fiberglass sections, which were robotically trimmed, painted, and then assembled along with metal brackets, hinges, and gas struts to make a functional, plug-and-play product for the customer. Featuring dimensions of 5 in length x 2 in width x 3 in height, we successfully met the ±1/8 tolerance requirement.

In today’s competitive environment, design flexibility and manufacturing agility are crucial for remaining competitive. Our ability to contribute to a tight-timeline product launch with APQP requirements within budgetary requirements laid the foundation for a long-term relationship with this customer.

We currently produce these assemblies at the rate of 10/month on a 10-day turnaround, and maintain a Kanban stocking program for the sub-components.

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Open Molded Fiberglass Processing Specs

Product Description

Multiple fiberglass Hood assemblies all for one machine.

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Open Molded fiberglass processing. Value add assembly, and painting.

Overall Dimensions


Tightest Tolerances

plus or minus an eight inch.

Material Used

Fiberglass, paint, resin, catalyst, metal comps, purchased components i.e. gas struts, handles, nuts, and bolts

Value Added Programs

Stocking and kanban for sub components. One piece flow from our shop in hanover, PA to Shippensburg, PA

Industry For Use

On road construction equipment. Specifically paving

Quantity or Monthly MFG. Demand


Turnaround Time

10 days

Standards Met

RPS and GD&T's