McClarin Composites is dedicated to fostering development of new technologies and processes in the field of renewable energy.

WINDTURBINE (1)In doing so, we provide a number of solutions for renewable energy applications, including components for wind turbines. Through excellence in manufacturing, a constant focus on developing cost effective and efficient solutions for our clients, and our commitment to a full service manufacturing partnership with our clients, we strive to make a difference that matters.

Using state of the art vacuum infusion and resin transfer molding processes to produce high quality, efficient components for energy producers in the renewable energy industry, we are able to have that kind of impact.

Our approach to manufacturing of composites and thermoformed components sets us apart as we provide a complete solution for our clients. From design-build engineering to value-added services such as assembly and adhesive bonding, we enable our clients to constantly improve.

Experience in the Renewable Energy Industry

For many years, McClarin Composites has been a trusted partner for companies in the renewable energy industry. This has allowed us to produce a variety of components and processes including:

  • Support for the energy storage industry
  • Wind energy turbines and components
  • Development for electric cars and buses

In addition to the design-build and manufacturing processes, McClarin Composites provides assembly, painting and packaging for all components we manufacture.

If you are looking for a partner whose expertise in renewable energy component fabrication will allow you to cut costs, improve processes, and further advance the technology being utilized, McClarin Composites is the company to contact.

Whatever you seek, contact the experts of McClarin Composites today and ask to learn more about how we can assist your renewable energy component manufacturing needs.