McCLARIN Composites leads with
purpose, molding sustainable value
by decarbonizing mobility and
the built environment.

Market Facing Strategies

  • Disruptively lead design, material and process solutions for high growth segments in decarbonized mobility.
  • Innovate for decarbonization, resilience and accelerated construction in the built environment.
  • Advance cleaner composites and circularity with our conversion to closed mold processing.
  • Transform cost and productivity through automated processes.

We believe it is our responsibility to lead with purpose — not just in composites — but also in our communities and the environment. Through market intelligence and engagement, along with Voice-of-Customer activities, McCLARIN gathers the signals of our customers, market associations and civil society. We monitor trends and all leading voices in energy policy, urban planning, architecture, transportation, infrastructure, logistics and mass transit to help us strategically position. From these signals, we develop disruptive products from concept to commercialization with the lightest sustainable footprint.