McCLARIN Composites provides a comprehensive offering of value- added capabilities in assembly, paint, and logistics.


McCLARIN has extensive experience in critical assembly functions including:

  • 5-axis CNC and robotic arm drilling and routing for fasteners and component location
  • Evaluation, selection, and application of bonding materials
  • Ultrasonic welding of thermoplastic
  • Installation of fasteners and hinges
  • Bonding/fastening steel and aluminum components
  • Window glazing


McCLARIN is qualified in the following critical paint applications:

  • CARC Qualifications
  • Class A Finish Capability
  • Intumescent resins, gel coat and coatings
  • Anti-microbial surface treatment
  • RFI shielding surface treatment
  • Ceramic coating for heat resistance
  • Copper coating for electrical static mitigation


Motivated by sustainability and cost and waste reduction, we partner with customers to develop returnable shipping fixtures.  McCLARIN collaborates with our carriers, or the carriers of our customers, to optimize packaging, loading and freight mode strategies, including truck, intermodal and rail.