McCLARIN Composites Manifesto

Composites provide the future-forward pathway for transformation in mobility, transport, energy, agriculture, housing and the built environment.

Since our founding in 1953, the world has changed significantly. We believe it is our responsibility to lead with purpose – not just in composites – but also in our communities and the environment. We gather the signals of our employees, customers, market and society to guide us. From these signals, we develop disruptive products from concept to commercialization with the lightest sustainable footprint.

At McClarin, we manufacture composites essential to the world’s most innovative and efficient buses, trucks, trains, RVs, and construction and farm equipment. These end-use channels enhance human experience to drive, ride, construct, farm and enjoy nature.

Through collaboration, we create both processes and products in any way, shape or form that contribute to a decarbonized and circular economy. McClarin scouts and adopts new ways to make the molding process more sustainable. We shape materials into high-quality and high-performance products. We form value through combined effort with our customers and stakeholders.

We are McClarin. We make Composites. Any Way, Shape, or Form.