McCLARIN Composites is a leading Tier 1 supplier of thermoset composites in mobility and the built environment.

We have expertise in engineering design & materials science to deliver structures and components with several notable advantages. Thermoset composites are known for their exception corrosion resistance and offer outstanding performance for severe service environments. Additionally, components fabricated with thermoset composites have higher strength-to-weight ratios, superior durability, and much lower costs compared to other materials.

By leveraging either open, cold, or closed molding options, we can create large-scale and complex forms with exceptional attention to detail and tight dimensional tolerances for fiberglass reinforced polymers. The versatility of thermoset composites allows us to mold virtually any shape or configuration for your applications that require flexible materials, such as ductwork, interior and exterior lining.

Production advantages of thermoset composites include low start-up costs, cost-effective and adaptable tooling, and fast prototyping. These lightweight components are easier to install (with glue or fasteners) and require less equipment and manpower. We also offer flexible production volumes and quick turnarounds.

McCLARIN Composites offers dual laminate components where both thermoset and thermoplastic composites can be incorporated.