McCLARIN Composites leverages core competencies of industrial design, materials science, molding technology, and assembly, providing customers with value-stream solutions.

Through open innovation, we develop disruptive strategies that reduce costs and minimize time-to-market.

Through market intelligence and engagement, along with Voice-of-Customer activities, McCLARIN gathers the signals of our customers, market associations and civil society. We monitor trends and all leading voices in energy policy, urban planning, architecture, transportation, infrastructure, logistics and mass transit to help us strategically position. From these signals, we develop disruptive products from concept to commercialization with the lightest sustainable footprint.

Through collaboration and open innovation, we create both processes and products in Any Way, Shape or Form™ that contribute to a decarbonized and circular economy. McCLARIN scouts and adopts new ways to make the molding process more sustainable. We shape materials into high-quality and high-performance products. We form value through combined effort with our customers and stakeholders.

Using tools such as 3D part modeling (SOLIDWORKS), Finite Element Analysis (FEA), mold engineering, materials analysis, and process simulation, we deliver products meeting appearance, structural and economic criteria.