McClarin Composites is committed to promoting the use of renewable energy, and have forged a broad based, cross-functional alliance with a large, international company in the wind power industry. Working in close collaboration, we provide an end-to-end solution for the production of the large-scale nacelle system pictured here.

Vacuum Infusion MoldingIn addition to manufacturing the housing, nose cone, and spinner hub, we procure the internal components, execute a complex assembly sequence, and manage the packaging, shipping and delivery.

Utilizing proprietary fiberglass woven fabrics, polyester resins, and PVC core materials, we use a vacuum infusion molding processes to produce near net shaped parts with a very high strength-to-weight ratio. Vacuum infusion molding allows us to easily create geometrically complex housings with the structural integrity and durability to tolerate environmental effects such as UV damage, moisture, and temperature extremes. Kitting of the dry fiberglass and PVC core materials allows us to minimize the process time, and tight monitoring of material properties and pressure differentials enables us to produce the parts with uniform consistency and accurate repeatability.

By organizing a well-structured, pull-concept flow of components, we manage the assembly, which involves large steel structures and weldments, ventilation components, electrical and control systems. We designed and built an innovative and reusable assembly fixture that doubles as a shipping rack to minimize handling and significantly reduce packaging and freight costs of this oversized fabrication, which, when completed, measures 33′ in length x 12′ in width x 12′ in height. Current production capacity is one full nacelle system per day for just-in-time supply to meet customer assembly line flow and product mix.

This project reflects more than just our ability to supply high-quality, high-strength, oversized composite structures. By partnering with this customer to manage the global supply chain, we are able to control the quality and leverage cost savings at every layer. Through overall efficiency and ease-of-doing-business, we provide strategic value to their operations.  For more information, please see the table below, or contact us directly.

Vacuum Infusion Processing Specs

Product Description

Close molded fiberglass Nacelle & Spinner Hub Covers used on industrial wind turbine systems. Produced for large international company.

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Vacuum Infusion Molding of single components up to 33' long x 12' wide x 4' high
Resin Infusion Molding of components up to 9'x10'
Customized kitting of dry fiberglass & PVC core materials to reduce process time as molding sequence
Handling and assembly of large fiberglass and metallic components
Pull concept assembly flow to manage production thru facility workstations
Design of dual use assembly/reusable shipping racks to minimize handling of large end product, also reduces packaging costs to customer.

Overall Dimensions

Nacelle (assembled) - approx. 33' long x 12' wide x 12' high
Hub Cover (assembled) - approx. 11' dia x 10.5' high
Nose Cone - approx. 8' dia. x 4' high"

Tightest Tolerances

General tolerances per ISO 2768 specification up to [+1mm (.040") / -0.5mm (.020")]

Material Used

Proprietary fiberglass woven fabrics, polyester resins, PVC core materials, large structural steel components & weldments , ventilation components, electrical & control systems, environmental coatings (i.e. galvanization, anodize, Dacromet), structural adhesives

Value Added Programs

Just in time supply of subassemblies coordinated to meet customer assembly line flow and product mix. Partnership with customer to evaluate and manage global supply chain to provide best value for customer. Management of shipping profiles to maximize space on oversize loads and reduce overall freight costs.

Industry For Use

Industrial renewable energy
Wind powered electric power generation (North & South America)

Quantity or Monthly MFG. Demand

1 complete nacelle system (Nacelle, Spinner & Nose Cone) per day at full capacity.