McClarin Composites keeps up-to-date on all licensed software packages relating to design support. Included within this category are: SolidWorks, Creo and Surfcam.

Design SystemsWhile all design engineers are Certified SolidWorks Professionals, McClarin Composites also has in-house IDSA affiliated industrial design support.

Files to be submitted for consideration can be sent in most formats. The preferred file types are native SolidWorks and Creo in 3-D or 2-D. Other acceptable formats from various other software packages could include but are not limited to .X_T (Parasolid), .STEP and IGES for 3-D files and .DWG (AutoCAD), and .DXF for 2-D files. Basic PDF and TIF files are also acceptable. Whenever possible, it is recommended to furnish both 3-D geometry and 2-D drawing files.

McClarin Composites provides design support based on customer supplied design criteria and application input. We can customize a plastic component into your assembly and facilitate the conversion to plastic process.