Early Supplier Involvement

At McClarin Composites, we believe in the “Power of Alliance” the intensity of accomplishment created by client and supplier collaboration. Regardless of the product development opportunity (new product design, existing product change, or continuous product improvement), early supplier involvement can mean an increase in profit margins by reducing the time lapse between design and production with improved quality.

Early supplier involvement adds another dimension of expertise to your existing design team during the planning, design and manufacturing phases. This broadened knowledge base makes it easier to keep pace with rapid technology and material developments as well as your industry’s demands for shorter product life cycles.

An early client/supplier alliance can enhance the design and manufacturing process by:

  • Assessing the supplier’s capabilities and understanding of materials and manufacturing processes
  • Improving overall design and quality
  • Increasing manufacturability
  • Discovering design and production efficiencies
  • Reducing concept to end-user development time

To create the optimum work environment, McClarin Composites has invested in e/POP Video Conferencing which allows for face-to-face, virtual interaction. Participants of e/POP can view and edit files, documents, reports, drawings as well as review video clips from their desktop. This technology allows for streamlined communication and virtual design and production meetings without the hassle of travel.

McClarin Composites has also embraced a service philosophy called “Voice of the Customer.” As your supplier, we spend most of our time during the initial design phase of the process listening to you as you define the product you are visualizing. Your functionality needs and desired goals are not only heard, but become the foundation of our design objectives. The earlier we are involved in this conversation allows for greater opportunity to supply you with a product that fits your needs and exceeds your expectations.