McClarin Composites facilities enable us to provide cutting-edge innovation, consistent quality and dependable service. Our operations are located in Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, and Washington, with a satellite facility in China. Collectively, our facilities comprise over 650,000 square feet.

McClarin is geographically situated to serve North America as well as international markets with accessible transportation. Our thermoplastic facilities operate from 100,000 square feet of space. We thermoform product components for the construction equipment, medical, transportation and recreational industries from ABS as well as clear lexan, HMWPE, High-Impact Styrene, TPO and specialty engineered thermoplastics.

Our FRP manufacturing facilities consist of more than 400,000 square feet of property. Examples of molded parts we produce by FRP include wind turbine enclosures, bathroom modules for railcars, front caps for buses, transit railcar interior systems, and machinery covers. Hybrid thermoform products developed with FRP backing provide automotive finish and texture with mechanical and flame-resistant properties similar to FRP at reduced cost and weight.

We also maintain a paint facility with 70,000 square feet of space, as well as additional assembly and warehouse space of 90,000 square feet.

McClarin Composites Equipment List

McClarin Composites is proud to utilize cutting-edge equipment in all of its facilities. While not exhaustive, the following list captures many of our significant investments.

Thermoforming Equipment

  • Comet Rotary (2) and Single Station
  • Drypoll Rotary (Four Station)
  • MAAC Rotary and Single Station
  • Brown Single Station (3)
  • Manual Prototype Single Station
  • Drying Grieve Oven
  • Trimming Saws (11)
  • Presses (3)

RIM Equipment

  • ECOb@se/Ecoline Series Foaming Machine
  • OMS Metering Machine
  • Horizontal Clamp Press
  • Vertical Clamp Press

Composites Molding Equipment

  • LRTM workstations with Universal Connect of Resin and Vacuum (16)
  • Airless Glascraft Chopper Systems (11)
  • 45-Ton Press
  • 125-Ton Press (2)
  • RTM Injection Systems (2)
  • Ceramic Spray System

Grinding and Finishing Equipment

  • 5-Axis CNC Routers (12)
  • Flat-table 3-Axis Router
  • Downdraft paint booths (6)
  • Dust Collection & Airwall Exhaust systems