Low Pressure SMC


This method uses a semi-processed fiberglass reinforced resin matrix. This material is molded in heated matched metal molds. The SMC will flow to fill out complex parts incorporating ribs, bosses, and other details. Parts will exhibit good surface appearance and accurate dimensional control. Normal molding pressures are 100 to 500 psi. Molding temperatures of 275-375° F. are utilized. Normal cure cycles range from under 1 minute to 5 minutes.

With 48″ x 48″ platens on our 100-ton press, we have the capacity to produce a variety of covers and doors for industrial equipment. The dust collector cover pictured on this page began life 35 years ago as a steel fabrication, progressed to an aluminum casting, and is now molded in the SMC process. This fiberglass reinforced part provides all the benefits of steel and aluminum without the added weight and corrosive issues, with significant cost savings.