McClarin Composites offers manufacturing that establishes a streamlined, turn-key operation for the production of individual plastic components or complete assemblies.

Contract ManufacturingThis manufacturing system allows the OEM to focus on strategy and core competencies, lowers cost, and frees-up resources. So instead of using a supplier and gearing-up for production each time you send an order, McClarin can offer an easy solution with our manufacturing services.

How it Works

This type of manufacturing is basically a long term purchase order, generally one to three years, where production is based on estimated annual usage (EAU) forecasts. Because the system works on a Demand Flow model, the contracted manufacturer will work with the OEM’s planners to level out spikes in production demand; the goal being steady production and stock releases as well as better supply chain management.

Many Benefits

Because the burden of production shifts to McClarin Composites, so do many of the issues associated with managing the operation. Relief of those stresses can free the OEM to focus its attention on strengthening their core competencies, like strategic planning, sales, marketing, research and development, and customer service.

Manufacturing also lowers production costs and fosters the conservation of resources for the OEM – such as labor and raw materials – leading to potentially significant savings of as much as 10-30 percent when overall labor, space utilization and energy concerns are considered.

There are several other areas where contract manufacturing makes an impact and cost savings are realized. Among them are:

  • Elimination of the cost of new facility construction or expansion to accommodate production;
  • No product tooling or design; and
  • Relief from equipment burdens such as maintenance and operator training.

Why McClarin Composites

When you decide to partner with McClarin Composites for your manufacturing, an initial assessment of the project’s scope and processes will be performed. Then, a preliminary design concept and budget will be submitted which includes a plan for any capital investment and staffing. Finally, the companies will work together to determine project requirements, demand expectations, delivery needs and payment agreements.

Long term manufacturing constitutes 80 percent of McClarin Composites sales. With a major focus on working with market leaders who use contract programs, we have developed unparalleled solutions to make your job easier and our relationship more beneficial.

As part of our commitment to our customers, McClarin Composites practices the Lean methodology for the systematic elimination of waste. Our philosophy is to produce only the necessary units, in the needed quantities, at the right time, and to eliminate unnecessary inventories. Our highest priority is the elimination of over-production.

McClarin Composites Adds Value

McClarin Composites has made it a priority to provide value added solutions that not only make the OEM’s job easier, but also makes the overall relationship beneficial. Going the “extra mile,” such as providing purchasing and assembly services, design services, and coordinating packing and shipping, is standard operating procedure. We are continually developing programs to streamline our processes and are ready to meet your needs.

For more information on our manufacturing and how McClarin Composites can develop a program for you, call us at 1-800-233-3189 or email us at