Personnel Doors

Amtech doors are used as direct replacements to canvas doors and the fit is excellent to both our Helmet Hardtops® and military canvas tops. Doors are shipped complete, with all the necessary hardware and latches ready for installation. Amtech doors are designed with gasket seals for weatherability, positive latching systems, and ergonomic interior exit handles for rapid opening. Our Standard Lightweight Doors Feature a safety plate glass window with smooth sliding rail system. We ship our personnel doors with every Mid and Tall Helmet Hardtop® order. The doors are lockable with paddle handles, and keys are provided with order.


  • Made from durable fiberglass composite engineered to meet mechanical property requirements
  • Excellent seal system for a weather proof fit
  • Features a safety plate glass window with smooth sliding rail system
  • Latches are pad lockable for security
  • Key lock latch (key provided)
  • Easy open knob latch
  • Our doors are custom designed to our Helmet Hardtops®

Part Details

RS Front Pad-lockable 200-0070-1 200-0070-2
CARC version 200-0070-1-C 200-0070-2-C
CS Front Pad-lockable 200-0072-1 2200-0072-2
CARC version 200-0072-1-C 200-0072-2-C
RS Rear Pad-lockable 200-0074-1 200-0074-2
CARC version 200-0074-1-C 200-0074-2-C
CS Rear Pad-lockable 200-0076-1 200-0076-2
CARC version 200-0076-1-C 200-0076-2-C
RS Front Key-locking 200-0093-1 200-0093-2
CARC version 200-0093-1-C 200-0093-2-C
CS Front Key-locking 200-0095-1 200-0095-2
CARC version 200-0095-1-C 200-0095-2-C
RS Rear Key-locking 200-0097-1 200-0097-2
CARC version 200-0097-1-C 200-0097-2-C
CS Rear Key-locking 200-0099-1 200-0099-2
CARC version 200-0099-1-C 200-0099-2-C