Open Molding

Open Molding

This spray-up process utilizes a combination chopper and spray gun to simultaneously deposit fiberglass-chopped roving and catalyzed resin onto a single surface mold. Resin rich or custom color appearance surfaces are normally achieved by applying a gel coat. Brushes, squeegees, and rollers are used to remove air from the layered reinforcement. Thickness is controlled by the number of material layers placed on the mold.

The flexibility of this process makes it ideal for producing components with an unlimited choice of color and multiple colors of the same part.

At McClarin Composites, we have utilized open molding on hundreds of applications over the last 50 years. Examples include:

  • Heavy equipment enclosures
  • Portable buildings
  • Rail transportation
  • Car interiors
  • Museum attractions
  • Process equipment enclosures
  • Truck bodies

All of these applications have benefited from the rigidity, dimensional stability and total cost effectiveness of this process.