Other Thermoforming Materials


Acrylic has very good surface cosmetics, great clarity, and is UV resistant. Surface defects and scratches can be repaired easily. Acrylic must be modified to be thermoformable.


The term TPO can mean many things; generally it refers to a mixture of polypropylene, talc and rubber, in varying proportions. TPO is difficult to process until the thermoformer adds tight process controls. TPO is generally flexible, very impact resistant, and has a soft surface. TPO has a dull surface unless a paint-replacement grade is specified. TPO can be tailored to fit many applications by varying the mixture, but currently has the most significant use in automobiles.


PVC has good electrical insulating properties and is used in wire insulation products. It has very good chemical resistance and can have good cosmetic properties. PVC is inherently fire retardant, with some locales prohibiting its use in buildings, as the gases emitted when it burns can be poisonous.