As as part of the finishing and assembly processes, McClarin Composites offers a number of custom painting options as value-added services.

PaintingDepending on the material used, application, and process used in fabrication, McClarin Composites can help you choose the perfect painting solution for your project.

McClarin Composites has the following paints and coatings available:

  • Wet Paint: Multiple and custom colors, smooth or textured
  • Ceramic Coat: Heat resistant to eliminate heat transfer
  • Copper Coat: Electrical static eliminator
  • Anti Microbial: Germ and virus eliminator used in hospitals, schools and restaurants
  • RFI Shielding Anti-Static Spray
  • (3) Forty foot paint booths
  • Loading docks and drive in entrance enables ease with shipping and receiving
  • Mil Spec Painting (some)