Resin Transfer Molding

RTMTruckResin Transfer Molding (RTM) has become an effective technique for the production of many Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) components. RTM provides a means of producing intermediate volume applications in a wide range of sizes and shapes.

The RTM process can provide considerably faster molding cycles than open molding techniques, while achieving lower tooling and equipment cost than conventional compression or injection molding. As a closed mold process, RTM defines both surfaces of the part with a highly reproducible part thickness on a part-to-part basis.

A further advantage results from the rapid introduction of the catalyzed resin. This feature allows faster gel and cure than normally associated with open molding. A faster curing cycle allows a high rate of output per RTM mold, compared to a spray-up or hand lay-up mold.

Environmentally, the RTM system is inherently cleaner than open mold techniques, and release of styrene vapors during RTM is lower.

At McClarin Composites, we are producing body panels up to 20′ long for heavy-duty trucks and other transportation applications. With the combination of structural foam core and RTM, we are able to provide a highly durable door with optional designs suitable for both transportation and industrial markets.