Vacuum Forming

McClarin Plastics specializes in vacuum forming of plastic components such as truck bedliners. In this process, cut sheets are heated in ovens which use ceramic or gas heaters with zone controls to maintain an accurate measurement and control the sheet temperature.

The sheet is then placed over a mold and a vacuum is applied, pulling the sheet into the shape of the mold, creating vacuum formed molds. This process is popular for large parts such as the truck bedliner seen in this picture. Vacuum forming usually offers the lowest tooling costs and quickest delivery of tooling, compared with traditional processes.

A Range of Capabilities

Our specialty in the vacuum forming and thermoforming process allows us to specialize in customization of larger thermoplastic components for a variety of industries. Supported by an expert staff of engineers who can help with the design process, tooling for your components, customization in the manufacturing process, and material selection to match your application, McClarin Plastics is a strong partner for your next project.

What sets apart our processes is that they fit the needs of heavy gauge parts that utilize or require complex patterns and shapes, like the bedliner shown to the right. With rapid turnaround time on vacuum formed components, a range of component size options, and a commitment to product quality, we strive for optimal performance in our services. Quality is a top priority for McClarin Plastics and it will show in every step of the process, from careful control of the raw materials used to process parameters that allow us to match individual needs for each of our customers.

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