Helmet Hardtop® : M1152 Midtop Cargo Bed Cover

The M-1152 HHT Mid –Top was developed to support artillery mission profiles. Its high ceiling makes an excellent work station and command post. Standard options include but are not limited to Pad lockable doors, patented independent collar seal, and antenna ground plane for excellent antenna performance. The M-1152 Standard HHT comes with 4 “D” rings and a patented collar seal. The infused cover offers a light weight aerospace design and process to assure consistent mechanical properties. The weight of the standard HHT comes in at 375 lbs. and can be used with both fixed and opening rear door variants.


  • Doors are Pad Lockable
  • Environmental Protection
  • Impact to Payload – Barn Door/Vertical Door Variant: 376 lbs.*
  • Temperature Range: -40 F to 185 F
  • Independent Collar Seal
  • 4 “D” Rings ( for Mounting)
  • CARC Finish; Desert Sand, OD Green, or Woodland Camo
  • Antenna Ground Plane

Optional Features

  • Custom Hard Points for Antenna Placement
  • Storage Boxes
  • I/O ( in/out) Panels
  • Troop Seat Bracket Kits
  • Non slip Roof
  • Roof Rack
  • Antenna Mounts
  • Vents

Product Variation

Amtech Part 212-0090-1-C
Cargo bed cover with rear barn-door set; OD green CARC

Amtech Part 212-0090-2-C
Cargo bed cover with rear barn-door set; Desert Sand CARC

Amtech Part 212-0090-1-CC
Cargo bed cover with rear barn-door set; OD green CARC & Woodland CAMO