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Our Plastic Manufacturing Process

photo-serPMbigThe growth of McClarin Composites over the last six decades can be greatly attributed to the increased need for quality plastic manufacturing services. By volume, plastics are among the most frequently used materials in the United States today; plastics are also recognized as the fourth largest industry in the world.

Plastics are all around us every day; they can be found in cars and airplanes, household appliances, sporting equipment, and even in stores in the form of packaging—the applications are virtually limitless.

The use of plastic is ideal for many industries due to its versatile nature. Plastics are often more durable than metal, boasting higher resistances to adverse weather conditions, impact and abrasions, and various chemicals. Additionally, plastics cannot rust, which is a common issue that continues to afflict metals. Due to the greater resiliency of plastics, products that utilize these materials have long service lives.

When you choose plastics for your project needs, you’ll immediately notice how much more design flexibility is available as compared to metal. With plastics, designers can create products on large or small scales with varying shapes to meet the specific project requirements of their clients.

Resulting products are smoother, lighter in weight, and are often less expensive than using metal materials.

In addition to these general advantages, plastics can also benefit specific industries. For example: in the aviation industry, plastic parts can withstand the most extreme conditions, and plastics afford users exceptional aerodynamic qualities.

In the automotive industry, plastics help improve fuel efficiency—the lighter components enable cars to travel greater distances while consuming less gas. In either application, plastic components are less hazardous to the environment, and plastic materials are recyclable as well.

Plastics are prevalent in the modern world due to the bountiful benefits they offer manufacturers, design engineers, and consumers alike. Plastic manufacturing plays significant role in industries such as building & construction, electronics, transportation, and many others.

McClarin Composites specializes in several plastic manufacturing methods—such as thermoforming and fiberglass reinforcing—to provide our clients with the highest-quality products available.